Vincarta – What is Albanian wine like?

Here at Chateau Vincarta, we like to get adventurous. We’re champions of premium Romanian wine. Our roving correspondent, Ioana Negulescu, wrote about Georgian wine after her visit there in 2018. And we’ll die in a ditch for Riesling. But what about Albanian wine? Never tried it? Neither had we.

Uka Winery and the Albanian wine rennaissance
So when Uka Winery contacted us and kindly sent a couple of bottles to try, we were intrigued and excited.

My only direct experience of Albania came as a child when I was on holiday with my family in Corfu. We were on a boat tour a few miles from the Albanian coast when a coast guard boat made it very clear we were not to get any closer. The Cold War was a bit colder there. Europe’s own North Korea.


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