The Pavlovic Today – Uka Winery’s Founder Flori Uka: The man without dreams is a man without wings

Founder of Uka Winery and co-founder of organic Uka Farm and farm-to-table restaurant , Flori Uka, talks to The Pavlovic Today about his family business and Albania’s heritage of unique wines.

When Flori Uka, an Albanian entrepreneur, decided to return to his home country after graduating in winemaking from the Agricultural University of Udine, he noticed a missing puzzle on the wine map of the world.

Looking back at the ancient tradition of winemaking in Albania, which goes back six thousand years ago, Flori saw his country’s great potential for producing high-quality wines. He embarked on a journey to make wines from ungrafted grapes that grow in the Albanian wild, are up to 200 years old, and have not undergone a pesticide treatment.

“We have incredible resources and treasures in Albania that the world should know about,” noted Flori Uka.


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