Nippy Wine – Tour to the Albanian Wine and Uka Farm | Nippy Wine

Albanian Wine is another name of high tannic history. If you are remembering about an oldest wine manufacturing region then, I would prefer telling the name of Albania first. Astrological research suggests that geographically Albania is the oldest wine manufacturing region in Europe.

Albanian Wine History
The country has four wine region located separately in the border of the Adriatic Sea and Greece. Its wine is also great for a unique sweet and fruitiness that also comes in the writings of Ancient Roman writer Pliny. Throughout the Roman span, wine generation rose and became more coordinated. Decorations on many spiritual and family things bear witness to the wine-making civilization like in Butrint. Even though from the 15th century, also the most Ottoman Turks Came at Southeastern Europe. Throughout this interval, the wineries experienced a decrease and were primarily located in Christian-majority areas.


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