Frankfurter Rundschau – Bio business in Albania

Whoever hears of Albania thinks of mafia and poverty. A few young winegrowers want to change that.

From the terrace, the view sweeps over the town at the foot of the mountain range that separates Albania from Macedonia. The sun sinks behind the peaks, the moment seems perfect. Is there Albanian wine? “Wine?” The man behind the counter looks dumbfounded. He points to the bottles from Montenegro and Italy. His recommendation: “Drink what we Albanians are really good at. Raki.” He is sorely mistaken. Because a generation of young winegrowers is preparing to unearth the treasures that their homeland has in store. They want to change the country that is being abandoned by so many. give him a future. change of location. Flori Uka is in his early 20s when his father remembers a grape that was handed to him somewhere in the Albanian hinterland in the 1980s. The shape resembled a corn on the cob – the small berries nestled close together. And most importantly, they were very sweet. The son is electrified when he hears all this. He immediately goes in search and drives into the mountains. Now, a decade later, he proudly pours a shimmering golden liquid into the glasses. A white wine like no other in the world. Only here in a suburb of Tirana, the capital.


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